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So it's time to create my biography for this “About Us” page, and I wrote the usual blurb.  You know, the one that included phrases like “Ms. Marshall is a graduate of Duke University,” and “thirteen years as the executive director of Tri- State Relocation Services.”  But it all seemed a little formal for me.

If we were sitting together with a cup of coffee, I’d probably start with, “When one reaches a certain stage…”

Well, after we have spent those years at home with our family, and the kids are now independent, we turn back to the passion we had years ago.  What do they call it – an encore career?  I knew a speech therapist, a yoga instructor, and a kitchen designer.  They knew their specialty, but needed a little help with the business side.  My talents were in organization and problem solving, so I helped with bookkeeping, contracts, payroll… and websites! 

In 2002 I completed a certificate in Web Design from Chubb Institute and turned more of my efforts toward internet projects.  Now I’m ready to work with you on launching your new project, improving your existing site or helping you keep your internet presence current.

VIP Solutions was founded to create custom solutions to your business needs. There are no set packages or commitments. We will sit down with you and determine your needs and goals, and construct the ideal program, the ideal website, and the ideal service plan for you. A design process and portfolio is available at Cathy Marshall Websites

Cathy Marshall Websites

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